Miscellaneous Tools

This page contains a collection of copyrighted freeware programs I’ve written.

  • ElevationToolkit1.zipElevate32.exe (x86) and Elevate64.exe (x64) let you run a program elevated in Windows Vista and later, optionally wait for it to complete, and get the program’s exit code. IsElevated32.exe (x86) and IsElevated64.exe (x64) lets you test whether you’re running elevated.
  • epath2.zip – Add and remove individual directories from the system or current user path.
  • exec15.zip – Executes a program using the Win32 CreateProcess API. It can optionally wait for a process to finish and also display the program’s elapsed time. Exec doesn’t have a problem with quoted paths or command-line arguments. Both console and GUI versions are provided. Works on Windows 9x/Me as well.
  • fixpath4.zip – Attempts to fix the Path environment variable. Runs in Windows 2000 and later. The Free Pascal source code and documentation are included.
  • runposh1.1.zip – Lets you open a Windows PowerShell/PowerShell Core console or run a PowerShell script using Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core.
  • readline_1.0.zip – Win32 console program that reads from console input and writes it to standard output, with two enhancements: You can either pre-populate the input line with a string, or hide the input string.
  • ResetPassword_1.0.zip – Win32 console program for resetting user account passwords. Works for domain or local computer accounts.
  • showargs_1.0.zip – Outputs its exact entire command line without any parsing or interpretation. Useful for troubleshooting running executables in PowerShell scripts so you can see the exact command line.
  • tapeutil.zip – Win32 console (command-line) program that detects, ejects, or retensions a tape in a tape drive.